Doors Open 2021 will take place September 25 and 26, offering in person tours. Virtual events and online tours will be available to view Sept 25-Oct 3.

Coakley Brothers and Brothers Interiors

This is a virtual only site and not open to the public.

Experience the Coakley Brothers Water Tower Building showcasing the iconic Water Tower in Walker’s Point.

Experience the Coakley Brothers Water Tower Building reincarnated in 2018 with a $7.5M renovation for Coakley Brothers and Brothers Business Interiors headquarters.

Coakley Brothers provides moving and storage services and Brothers Interiors represents Interior Design/construction/and commercial furniture company. The original building was built in 1911 and then added on in 1925, 1929, 1950, and 1970. The entire property was renovated within the last 18 months. The renowned front lot possesses award winning landscaping for water management technology.


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