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Milwaukee Community Sailing Center

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MCSC Mission Statement: To promote sailing and make Lake Michigan accessible to everyone in the Milwaukee community through quality programs.

The message is that the Sailing Center is open to all who dream of sailing. The center includes: year-round classrooms, a community meeting room, restroom and shower accommodations and a boat maintenance area. A modest building, the new facility was designed to work within limited financial means. It has been called “an environmental benchmark for new buildings” and features green materials, resource conservation efforts and energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling.”

Construction Company: Oliver Construction Company

• Members-only, non-profit (501 c3) sailing school

• Winter classes and many events are open to the public

• We rent the land from the county, no city or county support for our operations

• We have a Board of Directors, three year-round full-time staff, and about 30 seasonal staff

About the Building

• Built in 2008, opened in 2009. The original building was built in 1981.

• There were more than 100 on-site construction workers involved in building this structure

• There were more than 30 contracting firms, with more than 40 suppliers of raw and finished materials, on site

• The building design required 4,800 lineal feet of structural steel and 506 tons of concrete

• The geothermal system has 14 wells bored 300 feet into the earth to provide heating and cooling to the entire building, all of which are controlled in zones

• The domed roof gathers water into a rain garden, which is currently under renovation, to avoid adding storm water run off into the municipal sewer system

• MCSC has committed to a ten year campus and fleet capital improvement plan, with specific items targeted for each year. Eventually the maintenance facility will be expanded so boats can be repaired and reconditioned and back into the water sooner.

In 2019: Members: 568 active members. Volunteers: 127 (as volunteer instructors or in other volunteer capacities). Students taught: 609 people taught in classes. Disabled sailing Boat Rides: 498 people on boat rides.

Due to COVID-19 we have had a reduced number of new members, classes, and boat rides, for 2020 compared to 2019, but we have been offering these in some capacity since June 1, with the tremendous support of our community. We are open for business! Member benefits: • access to boats without additional charge, or cost of taking care of the boat • Six months of sailing • Community Associate member benefits: • Access to building and events • Support our non-profit and our mission

People are welcome to view the boat yard and boats, as well as the views of the harbor and Lake Michigan from our grounds. We do ask that members of the public *not* walk on the docks unless they are wearing life jackets and appropriate footwear.


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