Valor MKE is a creative collective space that consists of a wood shop, photography and videography studio, and a resource center.

Valor MKE aims to promote self-sufficiency and encourage self-empowerment in communities affected by joblessness and poverty. Their mission is to create a safe space to learn, encourage entrepreneurship, self-determination and physical and mental wellness in the community. Their philosophy is to be brave, walk with authority in any space and to have the utmost respect and dignity for yourself to thrive in life. The overall vision is to work to help eliminate Social Determinants of Health such as joblessness, racial inequities, and discrimination within the heart of this city.
This building, which is under construction, was formerly known to the recent community as a historic corner store. Previously, according to the state, this building is known as the Historic Charles Schlathau Bakery.  (
This will be a hardhat viewing of the space and the renovation that will be taking place.

128 East Burleigh Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Saturday Hours
10 am - 5 pm

Sunday Hours
10 am - 5 pm

Photography, Video

Handicapped Accessible
1st floor only


Photo Tour