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20 Years of Creative Transformation in the Menomonee River Valley

This year marks 20 years since Menomonee Valley Partners was formed and celebrates 20 years of transformation in the Menomonee River Valley. While it’s becoming known for its trails and parkspaces, the district was once a drain on the community and was known for abandoned buildings, contaminated land, and a certain smell. Efforts to revitalize the Valley began in earnest in the 1990s with a 133-acre parcel (about the size of 100 football fields) just east of Miller Park. The community looked at the former Milwaukee Road railroad shops, the site of 125 years of heavy industry, and asked that it become a hub for family-sustaining jobs with green spaces where animals would thrive and children could play. This area had been ignored by the real estate community because of a long list of challenges—poor access, lack of infrastructure, frequent flooding, unstable soil conditions, derelict buildings, and soil contamination. Thanks to the many partners behind the scenes who donned their (very) creative thinking caps, this area transformed more than anyone expected. It is now home to the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center and Community Park, Three Bridges Park, the Hank Aaron State Trail, and dozens of species of native plants and wildlife. Community input, weeks of brainstorming, and flexibility from some of our largest state agencies made this possible.

Learn more with A Year in the Valley.

Photo collage from Menomonee Valley Partners.


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