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“Religious architecture is even more prominent. Walker’s Point’s crowning glory is its churches, and nowhere in Wisconsin will you find so many historic houses of worship in such a small area.” John Gurda, Milwaukee: City of Neighborhoods

Not only is Walker’s Point Milwaukee’s oldest neighborhood but also it is rich with a palimpsest of intact nineteenth century homes, businesses and places of worship. The proximity to downtown meant that many immigrant groups put down roots in Walker’s Point and each had an impact on church buildings and services. This tour will explore the architectural and ecclesiastical changes and contextualize the larger experience of religion for newly arrived immigrants.

This tour will feature the exteriors only of about 12-15 churches depending on time.


Saturday Hours
1 pm

Sunday Hours
Not offered

2 hours

Ticket Type
Ticketed ($10)

Wheelchair Accessibility
Fully wheelchair accessible


Masks Requirements

Masks required for all individuals.