Spaces and Traces 2019

May 11, 2019, 9 am to 5 pm

The 38th annual Spaces & Traces will head to Wauwatosa to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Washington Highlands neighborhood. Designed by Dr. Werner Hegemann, this neighborhood boasts an impressive collection of revival styles popular in the 1920s and 1930s including Tudor, Craftsman, and Mediterranean along with Mid-Century Modern additions. The 133-acre neighborhood is a nationally designated Historic District and a Wauwatosa Landmark, built on land originally owned by Frederick Pabst. Spaces & Traces is all about showcasing homes, commercial properties, and welcoming a conversation about the history and future of the neighborhood.

Tour Booklet Advertising 

Each tour taker will receive a tour booklet. In addition to providing important historical and tour information, the booklet is a great opportunity for businesses to advertise to a market of people who enjoy exploring and supporting local businesses.

History of Spaces & Traces

In the spring of 1981, Historic Milwaukee, Inc. hosted its first day-long tour entitled Loft Spaces and Historic Traces, featuring interiors as well as exteriors of several buildings in the downtown area. Since then, the name has evolved into Spaces & Traces and for over three decades, volunteers have helped thousands of visitors become more familiar with the unique architecture and stories of Milwaukee neighborhoods and communities. From elegantly tiled lobbies to condos in former breweries, from modestly scaled working class homes to stately mansions along old streetcar lines, Spaces & Traces showcases a spectrum of architecture and history.

Here are the neighborhoods and communities that have been showcased:

1982 Downtown
1983 3rd Ward & Downtown
1984 Yankee Hill
1985 River Renaissance
1986 Concordia
1987 Layton Blvd.
1988 East Town
1989 Bay View
1990 Walker’s Point
1991 Lower East Side
1992 Washington Heights
1993 Lincoln Avenue
1994 Sherman Park
1995 Story Hill Places
1996 Three Original Settlements
1997 Newberry Boulevard
1998 Historic Third Ward
1999 Brady Street
2000 Rufus King Neighborhood
2001 Yankee Hill
2002 West Allis
2003 East Side Places
2004 Sherman & Grant Boulevards
2005 Water Tower Places
2006 Walker’s Point
2007 Bay View
2008 Kenwood Boulevard
2009 Historic Third Ward
2010 Brewers Hill
2011 River West
2012 Concordia Neighborhood
2013 Village of Shorewood
2014 Washington Heights
2015 Layton Blvd West
2016 Historic Water Tower Neighborhood
2017 Glendale/River Hills
2018 Walker’s Point
2019 Washington Highlands