A. Werner Silversmiths

1241 N. Water Street

Milwaukee, WI 53202

T: 414-276-0053


A. Werner Silversmiths is a full service Silversmith and Electro-Plater business. We have over one hundred years experience in refinishing, soldering, plating, installing thermo liners and professional polishing on small decorative items or light fixtures.

Badger Metal Finishing & Coating Inc.

4021 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue

St. Francis, WI 53235

T: 414-482-4820

F: 414-482-4822



Badger Metal Finishing is a full-service metal finishing company. We have been servicing the metal finishing needs of our consumers for over 35 years. We offer a full array of metal finishing services including polishing and metal plating.

Bay View Railing and Ornamental Inc.

3767 S. Packard Avenue

St. Francis, WI 53235

T: 414-482-9353

F: 414-482-9317



Bay View Railing and Ornamental offers unlimited styles, designs, and colors of railings (interior/exterior), columns, awnings, security/storm doors, gates, fences, spiral stairs, steel stairs, and other ornamentals such as tables, chairs, head boards, interior wall decorations, etc. We have over 30 years experience, schooled in the many facets of metalwork and metallurgy, and have expert craftsmen on our staff. We continuously look for ways to fulfill our commitment to customers by striving for “the best product at the best price.”

German Blacksmith, LLC

4950 N. 91st Street

Milwaukee, WI 53225

T: 414-461-2293

F: 414-461-4381



German Blacksmith is an established local custom fabricator of ornamental and architectural metal products in the tradition of the old world craftsmanship. Focusing on the many different needs of our customers we can assist homeowners, building and remodeling contractors, interior designers and landscapers by offering a comprehensive range of services.  We produce functional wrought iron products to add style, uniqueness, value, and beauty in a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and architectural bronze. Our services also include the finishing and professional installation of our products as well as the restoration of old metal work.

Milwaukee Blacksmith

Milwaukee, WI

T: 414-241-4911


Milwaukee Blacksmith is a family-owned custom metal fabrication buisness that specializes in interior decorative and functional pieces as well as exterior architectural ironwork for your home.

Moebius Ironworks and Glass Studio

3033 Beechwood Industrial Court

Hubertus, WI 53033

T: 262-628-4154


Moebius Ironworks and Glass Studio has been producing premier quality ironwork on a commission basis for 36 years. We have developed a design style and working techniques that make our creations unique and recognizable as a “Moebius Piece.” The Moebius Family Artisans use exquisite textures, various materials, subtle colorations, and a sense of harmony to imbibe our creations with gem-like qualities. We have been able to meet the demands of each project in residential and commercial settings in a way that addresses all codes, functionality, and design styles. Beginning in 2007 we have added stained glass into our designs.

Supreme Casting, Inc.

7901 N. 73rd Street

Milwaukee, WI 53223

T: 414-355-1490

F: 414-355-2712



Supreme Casting, Inc. is a non-ferrous foundry located in Milwaukee. Supreme Casting prides itself on quick deliveries, quality castings and debugging customers’ casting challenges. Our many years of casting experience allows us to produce castings in sand that might otherwise require higher priced tooling avenues for other casting applications.

Vanguard Sculpture Services, Ltd.

3374 W. Hopkins Street

Milwaukee, WI 53216

T: 414-444-5508



Vanguard Sculpture Services is a full service art foundry.  By full service I mean we do it all, mold making from your original art, enlarging of your scale model, bronze casting, fabrication, installation, restoration, repair, patina, and original art and design.  We produce museum quality castings by paying close attention to detail and the use of the highest quality silicon bronze alloy and ceramic shell investment.  We frequently cast life size works but also do smaller parts and larger monuments.  If sand casting or alloys other than bronze are needed, we have an off site facility which we employ.

Wisconsin Iron Works

Pewaukee, WI

T: 262-370-6200



We make custom and personalized branding irons, wrought iron gates and window guards, sign stands, railings, garden trellis units, hooks and brackets made of quality cast iron or steel. Repairs and refinishing of damaged or antique metal work rounds out our services. We can bring your old broken antique lamps, tables or whatever, back to like new condition. Or if you prefer a special patina, we can do it right.