Affiliated Artists

5229 N. 125th Street

Butler, WI 53007

T: 262-790-1177

Whether it’s restoring an individual statue or a total interior renovation, Affiliated Artists have the skill and experience to create an inspiring finished project. We are dedicated to your project every step of the way, from preliminary sketches, through the design phase and up until completion.

Artist by Design

Wauwatosa, WI

T: 414-218-0468

My goal is to transform a room or home into the homeowner’s personal retreat, whether it be relaxing or full of energy. Whether one wall or an entire home, the end-result is always the same: a very pleased and excited client! Your home is my canvas to work magic. From simple faux finishes to complex textures, Artist by Design will customize the look for you and your home. While most of my clients are residential, I do commercial projects as well.

Conrad Schmitt Studios

2405 S. 162nd Street

New Berlin, WI 53151

T: 262-786-3030

F: 262-786-9036

The Studio’s roots can be traced to ecclesiastical and decorative art, stained glass, and interior design. Preserving the past through comprehensive investigation, analysis, and documentation is a vital component of the Studio’s business. In addition to conservation and restoration, the Studio has designed and created art glass and interiors for buildings of architectural and historic significance throughout the country and abroad, including basilicas, cathedrals, churches, synagogues, theatres, train stations, hotels, universities, state capitols, and government buildings.

Parma Conservation, Ltd.

1100 W. Cermak Road, Suite C-203

Chicago, IL 60608

T: 312-733-5178

F: 312-733-0675

Parma works with architects, preservation officers, restoration firms, and private clients who have architectural art in need of preservation. Parma provides historic paint analysis, feasibility studies, and proposals for recovering historic paint finishes and decorations which have been painted over, damaged, or obscured by time.