Affiliated Artists

5229 N. 125th Street

Butler, WI 53007

T: 262-790-1177

Whether it’s restoring an individual statue or a total interior renovation, Affiliated Artists have the skill and experience to create an inspiring finished project. We are dedicated to your project every step of the way, from preliminary sketches, through the design phase and up until completion.

Chimenti Studios LLC

7421 N. Longacre Road

Milwaukee, WI 53217

T: 262-573-1061

Chimenti, a citizen of the USA and Italy began her sculpting career in Florence, Italy in 1996, where she was trained in low relief sculpture. She obtained a BFA in sculpture from Miami University in 1998 and an MFA in sculpture from American University, Italy. In 2008 Chimenti completed a course from an Italian Plaster school, Safra, located in Venice, Italy. Soon after this Italian class she was doing plaster molding restoration with Orlandini Studios in Milwaukee, WI and continues to do her own restoration projects today. Chimenti also restores painted finishes on walls and on furniture. She also painted and sculpted for Cost of Wisconsin, which is a themed construction company located in Jackson, WI where her works went to Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Hotels, Theme Parks and Casinos to name a few.

Granrath Plastering & Repairs Incorporated

9516 W. Mitchell Street

Milwaukee, WI 53214

T: 414-771-6625

Specializes in flatwork plaster for walls and ceilings.

Orlandini Studios

633 W. Virginia Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204

T: 414-272-3657

F: 414-272-3658

Orlandini Studios Ltd. creates decorative plaster works, repairs ornamental plaster, and creates new works from original and often very old molds passed down for generations. Orlandini Studios Ltd. also creates custom plaster works for individual projects, private homeowners and can create casts to repair unusual or historical pieces.