Bentley Company: Six Generations of Wisconsin Builders – Since 1848


The Bentley Company: Six Generations of Wisconsin Builders – Since 1848 explores the company’s history and it’s pivotal role in the building of Wisconsin’s largest city. Beginning with their founding in 1848 and continuing into the early years of the century, the company faced difficult challenges including adverse weather, lack of power tools and modern equipment, and the absence of convenient transportation to get workers and materials to job sights. As decades rolled by, interrupted by great wars and great depressions, the Bentley’s kept building.

In this book, H. Russell Zimmerman takes on the awesome task of piecing together the missing history of The Bentley Company. Through correspondence with Bentley family members, countless phone calls to librarians and historians across the country, and months of intensive research, Zimmerman is able to reconstruct only a fraction of the company’s history. Starting with The Bentley Company’s roots in 1822, through the Civil War, World Wars, and Great Depression, and into recent times, Zimmerman shares his findings along with an extensive photograph collection. Learn the history of The Bentley Company’s work, and how John Bentley came to play a key role in building some of Milwaukee’s earliest structures, many of which are still part of the city’s skyline.