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From 1910 through the 1920’s the Cream City could boast of being the home of the largest manufacturer of ice cream in the United States. Milwaukee’s Luick Ice Cream was even served at White House State Dinners.

Company founder John Luick was the son of German immigrant parents, becoming a confectioner following service in the Civil War who began producing ice cream here in 1897. He retired in 1903, turning the business over to his son William who made the key business decision to focus on ice cream.

Timed for the advent of home refrigeration, William Luick pioneered the machinery for packaging ice cream into a brick form. His inventiveness transformed the enjoyment of ice cream from the retail ice cream parlor to an everyday home activity.

William Luick’s leadership of the ice cream industry was so widely recognized that he served two terms as National President of the Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers.

This garage once housed a small fleet of 1930 Dodge KC delivery trucks with chassis that presaged the Wienermobile and looked like milk bottle-mobiles. Today it is the parking structure of a once industrial building repurposed into the Van Buren City Loft condominiums in 2002.

On the Tour: View a private condo on the top floor

Researched and photograph by Brian Fette