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Check out the fun activity page for this neighborhood, designed by artist CK Ledema. Available in English and Spanish. Click to download and print!

Página de Actividad
Vea la página de actividades divertidas para este vecindario, diseñada por el artista CK Ledema. Disponible en ingles y español. Haga clic para descargar e imprimir!

About the Neighborhood

With 32,000 residents and nealry four square miles of land, Sherman Park is one of Milwaukee's largest neighborhoods perhaps best understood as a confederation of smaller neighborhoods--Grasslyn Manor, Sunset Heights, Uptown Crossing, and several others. Each has its own visual character and its own cultural patterns, but all pledge allegiance to the same Sherman Park flag. The 30th Street industrial corridor lies to its east, but Sherman Park grew up in the 1900s as a new kind of urban community providing homes for merchants, middle managers, and skilled tradesmen. Sherman Park boasts beautiful housing stock, cultural diversity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Places to Visit

Grant Boulevard 

Bike, walk, or drive down Sherman Blvd., turn the corner to Grant Boulevard and then backtrack to 47th street, and you will see some of the finest and most varied residential architecture in Wisconsin.

Sherman Phoenix - 3536 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue

The Sherman Phoenix is a thriving entrepreneurial hub in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, home to 27 small businesses predominantly owned by people of color, offering diverse foods, wellness services and cultural activities. The Sherman Phoenix is currently open for Curbside & Carry-Out: Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 6 pm and Saturday 10 am - 6 pm.

Sherman Perk - 4924 W. Roosevelt Drive Milwaukee

Located in the heart of Sherman Park, Milwaukee’s most culturally and religiously diverse neighborhood, Sherman Perk Coffee Shop is situated on a triangular lot at the corner of Keefe Street, Roosevelt Drive and 49th Street. Fully handicapped accessible with plenty of parking:  Weekdays: Open from 6:30 am to 3 pm, Saturday and Sunday hours: 7:30 am - 3 pm.

Sherman Park Rising Mural - 4715 W. Center St.

After many years of common neighborhood challenges, then tragedy and unrest, many community members find a way to express their feelings through this mural project. More than 150 people helped design and paint it. The mural includes narratives and images that were sketched by residents themselves during community input workshops for the design. The project was documented to create a short film you can watch here. Interviews with participants, the lead artist and elected officials allow us into their hearts and minds.

Go Fund me for this mural: Water damage from a hole in the roof is getting through the brick wall causing this community mural to prematurely crack and peel in some places. It is savable, but the holes must be patched and sealed as soon as possible or the mural will be beyond repair within a year. A contractor has assessed the damage and given an estimate which this fundraiser is based on. Donate and learn more.

View a video about this mural process with artist Tia Richardson.

Guidelines for Visiting Neighborhoods

While Historic Milwaukee is not opening buildings and sites to tour this year, we still encourage you to visit these recommended neighborhood locations for self-guided experiences. When visiting neighborhood locations please follow the mask ordinance - wear a mask and maintain social distance and respect residents and neighbors.


Special thanks to artist CK Ledesma who designed and created the Doors Open Neighborhoods Activity pages. Thanks also to the neighborhood leaders to contributed information and recommendations on things to do and places to see in their neighborhoods. And thank you to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation for their support of the Activity Booklet. About the neighborhood source: John Gurda, Milwaukee: City of Neighborhoods.