Spaces & Traces

Featuring Walker’s Point on May 12, 2018, 9 am to 5 pm. 

  • 800 block of S 3rd St.

Historic Milwaukee will return to our founding neighborhood, Walker’s Point, for the 37th annual Spaces & Traces. We look forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Walker’s Point becoming Milwaukee’s first nationally historically designated neighborhood in 1978.

Spaces & Traces Ticket Information
Tickets will be available for purchase beginning March 19.

$25 Non Members
$20 Members- online sales only
$10 Volunteers (sign up to volunteer and receive an online coupon code) online sales only

2018 Spaces & Traces: Walker’s Point

Purchase tickets at the following locations– only non-member tickets are sold at these locations:
All Colectivo locations in the Milwaukee Area
Winkie’s: 629 E. Silver Spring Dr., Whitefish Bay

Tickets will also be sold the day of the tour at the event headquarters: Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School, 700 S 4th St

Featured Properties

Spaces & Traces will feature guided tours of nine residential properties and nine commercial properties in the neighborhood.

Commercial Properties

Mercantile Lofts, 611 W National Ave
Scathain, LLC, 422 S 4th St
Lamers Building and Grove Gallery, 832 S 5th St
Gravity Marketing, 722 S 5th St
Relics Vintage Rentals, 126 S 2nd Street
Design Fugitives, 160 S. 2nd St.
Paliafito Eco-Arts Park, Walker and 3rd
Groth Design Group/Timbers at the Tannery, 700 W Virginia St
Bray Architects, 829 S 1st St

Residential properties

See the map below


Help volunteer for the 37th annual Spaces & Traces in Walker’s Point Saturday, May 12. We will need 120 volunteers to lead tours, sell tickets and more!

Spaces & Traces Lectures

The following lectures will be offered to Spaces & Traces ticket holders on Saturday, May 12.

11:30 am The Hidden History of LGBT Milwaukee with author Michail Takach

LVL, 801 S 2nd St

Milwaukee has a long, rich history of LGBT spaces and culture. Many of the earliest LGBT landmarks have been erased from the landscape, and surviving historical spaces remain hidden, unless you know exactly where to look. By the time of the 1969 Stonewall riots, Milwaukee was already home to 33 known gay bars.  These early gathering places fostered a sense of community, nurtured unique gay and lesbian identity, and ignited the spirit and culture of local LGBTQ pride.  Walker’s Point, specifically the intersection of 2nd and National, eventually became the heart and soul of LGBT Milwaukee.

Michail Takach, author of LGBT Milwaukee, webmaster of the Wisconsin LGBT History Project and Communications Director for Milwaukee Pride, Inc., seeks to make queer heritage accessible, visible, and portable for future generations.

2:00 pm Walkers Point: Milwaukee’s Oldest Neighborhood with historian John Gurda

At Holy Trinity-Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 613 S 4th St

Walker’s Point is known variously as a museum of 19th-century homes, a colorful entertainment district, and a vibrant center of Latino culture. It is also the sole survivor of three rival settlements that made up frontier Milwaukee. Its distinctive heritage has produced a neighborhood with multiple personalities—all of them fascinating.

John Gurda is a Milwaukee-born writer and historian who has been studying his hometown since 1972. He is the author of twenty-one books, including histories of Milwaukee-area neighborhoods, industries, and places of worship.

Advertising Opportunity 

Spaces & Traces attracts an average of 700 people during the event which lasts from 9 am to 5 pm. This is great opportunity to advertise your business to a market of people who enjoy exploring Milwaukee’s neighborhoods!

History of Spaces & Traces

In the spring of 1981, Historic Milwaukee, Inc. hosted its first day-long tour entitled Loft Spaces and Historic Traces, featuring interiors as well as exteriors of several buildings in the downtown area. Since then, the name has evolved into Spaces & Traces and over the past 36 years, volunteers have helped thousands of visitors become more familiar with the unique architecture and stories of Milwaukee neighborhoods and communities. From elegantly tiled lobbies to condos in former breweries, from modestly scaled working class homes to stately mansions along old streetcar lines, Spaces & Traces showcases a spectrum of architecture and history. Here are the neighborhoods and communities that have been showcased:

Featured Spaces & Traces Neighborhoods

  • 1982 Downtown
  • 1983 3rd Ward & Downtown
  • 1984 Yankee Hill
  • 1985 River Renaissance
  • 1986 Concordia
  • 1987 Layton Blvd.
  • 1988 East Town
  • 1989 Bay View
  • 1990 Walker’s Point
  • 1991 Lower East Side
  • 1992 Washington Heights
  • 1993 Lincoln Avenue
  • 1994 Sherman Park
  • 1995 Story Hill Places
  • 1996 Three Original Settlements
  • 1997 Newberry Boulevard
  • 1998 Historic Third Ward
  • 1999 Brady Street
  • 2000 Rufus King Neighborhood
  • 2001 Yankee Hill
  • 2002 West Allis
  • 2003 East Side Places
  • 2004 Sherman & Grant Boulevards
  • 2005 Water Tower Places
  • 2006 Walker’s Point
  • 2007 Bay View
  • 2008 Kenwood Boulevard
  • 2009 Historic Third Ward
  • 2010 Brewers Hill
  • 2011 River West
  • 2012 Concordia Neighborhood
  • 2013 Village of Shorewood
  • 2014 Washington Heights
  • 2015 Layton Blvd West
  • 2016 Historic Water Tower Neighborhood
  • 2017 Glendale
  • 2018 Walker’s Point
  • 2019 Washington Highlands