Best Lake Hikes Wisconsin


Two Great Lakes and more than 1,000 miles of their shorelines flank Wisconsin’s northern and eastern sides. Within the state’s borders, more than 15,000 lakes (sorry, Minnesota, we’ve got you beat) in a variety of sizes paint a good share of the state in shades of placid blue. Wisconsin also boasts nearly 13,000 rivers and streams, some small and quiet, others big and noisy. Even the state’s name is derived from a river: French explorers Marquette and Joliet mentioned the Meskousing, a river name from the Native Miami language that passed through French and a transcription error to arrive at “Wisconsin.” Who’d a thunk it? Lots of this water is easily accessible from roadside parks, local picnic areas, or at the end of an easygoing hike. Some might require longer treks of a mile or three, and others are remote and mysterious, discovered only by backpacking your way through the great northern wilderness.

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