Building Milwaukee City Hall


Milwaukee’s City Hall on East Wells and North Water streets is a landmark. Not only officially, but as part of Milwaukee’s identity, from the city’s flag to the Laverne and Shirley sit-com in the 1970s. The site for this familiar building was not easily chosen. The final location was not the first choice for most of Milwaukee’s movers and shakers, and after it was finally settled upon the difficulties only became bigger. Battles over designs and the bidding process became politically heated and personal in nature. Cost overruns in the construction, although common at the time, grew to gigantic proportions. The completed building was, however, structurally sound and pleasing to the eye. Still standing 115 years later, it really is a monument to the Milwaukee government officials, architect and builder, all of whom are the costars of this book. The magnificent Milwaukee City Hall itself is the star.

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