Building Taliesin


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Through letters, memoirs, contemporary documents, and a stunning assemblage of photographs – many of which have never before been published – author Ron McCrea tells the fascinating story of the building of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, which would be the architect’s principal residence for the rest of his life. Photos taken by Wright’s associates show rare views of Taliesin under construction and illustrate Wright’s own recollections of the first summer there and the craftsmen who worked on the site.

The book also brings to life Wright’s “kindred spirit,” “she for whom Taliesin had first taken form,” Mamah Borthwick. Wright and Borthwick had each abandoned their families to be together, causing a scandal that reverberated far beyond Wright’s beloved Wisconsin valley. The shocking murder and fire that took place at Taliesin in August 1914 brought this first phase of life at Taliesin to a tragic end.

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