8×10 Lynndale Print – Miller Valley


Miller Valley – original watercolor and ink print artwork created by Josh Leverence of Lynndale Print Shop, located in Milwaukee, WI.

-8″ x 10″ art print on matte paper

Miller Valley is home to one of America’s most recognizable brands… Miller Beer! The Miller Brewery has called Milwaukee home since 1855 when Frederick Miller set up shop and started brewing some of the world’s finest beers. Miller Lite, Miller High Life, MGD, the list goes on and on. Not only is the Miller Valley home to great brews, but also some incredible industrial architecture. If you haven’t taken a tour of Miller Brewery, I would highly recommend it!

Bring a taste of Milwaukee to your home with this print of Miller Valley! Enjoy it yourself or share it with your favorite beer connoisseur! This print makes a great gift or looks awesome hanging up in your basement bar!

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