Secret Milwaukee


Often referred to as a “big small town” or “Smallwaukee,” you might think that Milwaukee does not have any secrets. Milwaukee’s image is one of quaint nostalgia, of beer, bratwurst, bowling, and television’s Laverne & Shirley. But Milwaukee is a lot more than those stereotypes. Inside Secret Milwaukee, you will find all sorts of Milwaukee lore that even long-time residents do not know about. Which president of the United States was almost assassinated in Milwaukee? What is the city’s connection to The Exorcist? Which buildings are haunted? What are Milwaukee’s connections to the mafia? Is there buried treasure here? And yes, you will also learn about beer, bratwurst, bowling, and Laverne & Shirley, along with the history of frozen custard, Milwaukee-style pizza, and a whole lot more.

About the Author

Jim Nelsen is a high school social studies teacher in Milwaukee. As a lifelong resident of Milwaukee, he finds the history of the city fascinating, from its early days in the mid-nineteenth century to the modern challenges of urban life today. He has a PhD in urban history from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. When not teaching or researching, he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring his city, and following his beloved Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

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