Walking Milwaukee – Downtown (Box)


Discover downtown at your own pace with Walking Milwaukee self-guided tours. This set contains 10 walking tours (1 mapped tour per card) and 8 landmark cards that delve into the history of some of the Downtown area’s most iconic buildings and art. These are great to keep in your car, slip in your pocket or have in your bag for anytime you have some extra time downtown.

Full Set
Select hard plastic case or plastic envelope, includes all 10 tours and 8 landmark cards

Mini Sets
Beer Barons of Wisconsin Avenue: 3 cards (1 tours, 2 landmarks) exploring historic houses along Wisconsin Avenue
Explore Milwaukee’s Downtown: 6 cards (5 tours, 1 landmark) exploring various parts of iconic downtown Milwaukee
Explore Milwaukee’s Lakefront: 4 cards (2 tours, 2 landmarks) explore the city’s impressive lakefront
Explore Yankee Hill: 3 cards (2 tours, 1 landmark card) explore Milwaukee’s oldest residential neighborhood