The Zen Dragonfly is a Holistic Healing space that was built in 1897.

Built in Merrill Park 1897. It is home to an holistic Wellness business. It is magic from the time to walk for a session or to shop the Offering: a Spiritual Boutique. Starting at 1pm on the hour, there will be mini demos of the services, Reiki, tuning forks, sound healing that is offered, and in the shop, demos as well of the products carried. The tour is a walk-though with signage to read about what they offer in each room, plus students to share stories and to assist with questions. The space is small but it is healing and mighty.

The Zen Dragonfly is the marrying of conventional and spiritual healing paths and life practices. For over 10 years, Zen Dragonfly has provided space, support, and sacred experiences that encourage personal growth and connection. Offerings include life coaching, art, yoga, tarot, reiki, magick, sound baths, ritual baths, bone casting, and myriad courses in a heart-centered environment.

Space is limited to no more than 20 people at a time. Please wear socks and expect to leave your shoes at the entrance to protect the space.

302 N. 34th Street

Saturday Hours
10 am - 5 pm

Sunday Hours
10 am - 5 pm

Photography, Video

Handicapped Accessible
Fully wheelchair accessible