The West River Collective was built in 1915 and has housed several manufacturing businesses over its history, including some of the largest companies still in Milwaukee today.

The building was constructed in 1915 by the A.H. Peterson and Co. to make the world’s first electric hand drill to support the Model T production line in Detroit. After a fire in 1923, the business moved, and became a prominent electric tool maker still in Milwaukee today! The building currently consists of artisans of a wide nature, all supporting each other. This includes Amorphic Beer (brewery), The Urban Craftsman (custom woodworking), a custom bicycle company (Everyday Cycles), and a motorcycle repair coop. The building is primarily of cream city brick with a wooden arched roof.
Enjoy a self guided tour through the building, or join one of several scheduled guided tours throughout Saturday afternoon, and learn about this history of the neighborhood, the building, and the businesses currently operating in it.

3700 North Fratney Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Saturday Hours
12 pm - 5 pm

Sunday Hours
Not Open

Photography, Video, Tripods Permitted

Handicapped Accessible
1st floor only


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