Beginning June 2nd, our physical store will be open to the public from 11 am to 3 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Curbside Pick-up is available by appointment. You can always shop online or contact us with questions.

Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc.

Virtual Doors Open 2020, September 26 - October 11

This building was originally home to West Side Works for the Milwaukee Gas Light Company and provided gas to light homes and street lamps.

The building housed retort furnaces to super-heat coal into gas which was stored in gasometers and piped throughout the city overnight. Today, the retort furnaces are gone, and is now home to Zimmerman Architectural Studios and Harwood Engineering Consultants.

Visitors to Zimmerman Architectural Studios can learn about the building’s history through photographic exhibits and see design work from the 110-year history of Zimmerman Architectural Studios. Guests are free to explore the building at their own pace, chat with an employee to learn more about the renovation and rehabilitation process, or just relax in the gallery and watch a slideshow while children (and adults!) build their own architectural creations with Legos.