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New This Year! Harbor District App 

Harbor District: Harbor District, Inc. was created to lead the revitalization of Milwaukee’s Inner Harbor by connecting people to place, supporting a healthy business community, and improving the quality of our natural environment. On this tour, you’ll learn about the many pieces that make the Harbor District an important part of the City and the efforts to continuously improve the area for the next century. Available in English and Spanish.

Water Passport Sites

Watershed Map

Anderson Lake Tower Building

Sat. Sept. 24
4001 S 6 St

Arts @ Large

Sat. Sept. 24
1100 S 5th St

Dead Bird Brewing Co.

Sat. Sept. 24, Sun. Sept. 25
1726 N. 5th St. Milwaukee, WI

Green Tech Station

Sat. Sept. 24
4101 N 31st St
Jones Island Aeration

Jones Island Water Reclamation Plant

Virtual Only
700 E Jones St

Lakefront Brewery Warehouse

Sat. Sept. 24, Sun. Sept. 25
3519 North Hubbard Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Meetinghouse of the Milwaukee Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Sat. Sept. 24
Mask Required
3224 N Gordon Pl

Milwaukee Community Sailing Center

Sat. Sept. 24, Sun. Sept. 25
1450 N Lincoln Memorial Dr

Milwaukee Water Works Kilbourn Reservoir Pumping Station

Sat. Sept. 24
626 E North Ave

Milwaukee Water Works North Point Water Tower

Sat. Sept. 24
2288 N Lake Dr

Urban Ecology Center – Menomonee Valley

Sat. Sept. 24
3700 W Pierce St

Urban Ecology Center – Riverside Park

Sat. Sept. 24
1500 E Park Pl

Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park

Sat. Sept. 24
1859 N 40th Street Milwaukee, WI

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

Sun. Sept. 25
600 E Greenfield Ave

Water defines Milwaukee, whether it’s vast Lake Michigan to your east, the rivers and tributaries that feed it, landscaping features designed to absorb rain and runoff, or the underground pipes and chambers that manage storm and waste water. Fund for Lake Michigan invites you to use the Virtual Doors Open water passport to explore the relationship between Milwaukee’s water and the city’s industrial, commercial, civic, and residential development. Some sites this year are part of the Plastic Free MKE coalition who are dedicated to keeping our rivers and Great Lakes free of plastic.

The Doors Open Water Passport and Harbor District App were made possible with support from the Fund for Lake Michigan.  Special thanks to Milwaukee Community Map for providing the mapping on this year's Water Passport. Learn more about Milwaukee Community Map.

Featured Water Passport locations can be found on the watershed map below, or open in a new window for ease of viewing. The area of land that drains to a body of water is called a watershed. Milwaukee's three rivers are the Milwaukee, the Menomonee, and the Kinnickinnic, each has its own watershed! Learn more about watersheds.

Plastic Free MKE Map

Plastic-Free MKE's mission is to reduce the harms that unnecessary plastics have on environmental health, public health, and social justice.

Our rivers and Great Lakes are feeling the impact of the plastic epidemic, and it is threatening the health of aquatic wildlife and our communities.

Passionate community members, small business owners, engineers, agencies, local non-profits—all make up the Plastic-Free MKE coalition.

Click each Lake Friendly icon to learn more about the business.
Explore the full Milwaukee Community Map here!

Green Luminaries Map

A Green Luminary® helps protect our rivers and Lake Michigan by adopting practices that harvest rainfall for other uses or mimic nature by draining it into the ground to reduce water pollution. The Green Luminary® projects highlighted below are led by true champions who recognize not only the need to manage stormwater but also the need to innovate. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) gives Green Luminary® awards to businesses, organizations, and communities that implement exceptional green infrastructure design projects in the MMSD service area that benefit our lakes and rivers, as well as our communities. Click here to view map in a new window and view 40 project videos.